Who Is Vin DiCarlo?

They say a man can never get a woman who’s “out of his league” unless he has money, looks or a really huge… wallet.

But my friend Vin DiCarlo is living proof that gorgeous women can fall in love with “regular” guys (as long as the regular guy knows exactly what to say.)

Because my friend Vin is just a regular guy.

Vin dicarlo

Ten years ago, he was a janitor for the city.

Probably the least sexy job, ever. He was never good looking, but he was smart. So he buried himself in books instead of juicy lady parts.

Then, one day, he saw a cute girl walk by her and smile. Seconds later, he caught a whiff of her sweet perfume. And it was at that moment he vowed to make her his wife.

Six months later, they got married.

But that’s when the trouble really began…

Because on their honeymoon to Thailand, Vin suddenly found himself surrounded by gorgeous women who wanted to know him. (After all, Thai girls absolutely love American men.) He found himself thinking, “I know this is a special circumstance… but… if these women can find me sexy, doesn’t that mean I can make women find me sexy back home, too?”

So… as soon as they got home… he filed for divorce. He was homeless, without a woman to love and without a single penny in his pockets. But he vowed to figure women out, no matter the work. And no matter the cost.

Six years later, he had his answer.

Months after Vin stumbled onto his “secret formula” for dating women, he was dating nine women at once. (While broke as a joke and living in his van.)

One year later, he dated a Playboy Playmate. In the years since, he’s dated models, actresses and some of the world’s most beautiful women.

And his success is no fluke: My friend Vin is now friends with Harvard researchers, Ph.D professors, the former editor of Psychology Today and other top scientists. Some of America’s most respected psychologists have confirmed his new “secret formula” for getting laid.

Which is no surprise: Vin’s secret formula was backwards engineered after he performed more than 1,000 social experiments according to the scientific method. Recording his results in a little black notebook he carried with him, wherever he went.

Now that Vin has his secret, he’s become an advocate for more than 1 million men around the world. He’s become the world’s only scientific researcher fighting for the single guy. The lonely guy. The man with the broken heart and a lovely woman on his mind.

My friend Vin asked me to write this page so I could share his secrets with you. In fact, he asked me to create a short, free video you could watch which could explain his secret formula in greater detail. (So you can steal his success and use it for your own pleasure.)

To discover Vin’s secret formula for yourself, simply click the link below:


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